Support: The Two-Edged Sword

Support. Sounds pretty good, right? Sure it does. But what we fail to realize is that as wonderful as support from others can be, it can be a handicap as well. Stay with me here. Let’s explore the different sides of support.

  1. The Enabler – this can be one of the sneakiest ones because they are smooth. They are smooth because they seem like they have your best interest at heart, but they will help you stay off track. Many are well meaning of course. They don’t intentionally derail you, but they will keep you from staying the course. While trying to be supportive, they tell you it’s okay to cheat once, and once more, and once more and so on. It’s often those who you are closest to, so you let them sway you.
  2. The Temporary Supporter – you start out and they are extremely supportive. They offer encouragement, they follow up on you, they may join you for a workout or two. But somewhere along the way they stop. It can be a huge boost, but then what when they start slacking on following up with you? Do you lose the motivation to keep going as they lose the motivation in encouraging you? If they don’t follow up on you and don’t help you out, will you stop putting the effort in?
  3. The Buddy – this is the one you need on your side. They will put your arm around you and lead you down the path. They will join you for workouts. They will follow up on you (continuously, not temporarily). They may help you with workouts. They may guide you in doing it right if you are unsure what you are doing. Most importantly, they will not give up on you.

The one thing to keep in mind though – no matter what type of support you have – is that you have to do this FOR YOU and not for anyone else. It is always easier with the right type of support – I’m not gonna lie. But the wrong support can be just as difficult and can lead you astray just as easily as no support. Sometimes when we have someone cheering us on its easy for us to lose our way and to start doing it for them rather than for us. That can be quite unhealthy too. If you’re seeking praise instead of seeking to be proud of yourself, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Keep your focus. Find the support that matters. Find the support that will keep their arm around you leading you forward, while kicking you in the rear at the same time keeping you in line when you need it.


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